Chairman’s Club

Scott Kingsley
Scott Kingsley

Why Join?

Founded more than 25 years ago, the Chairman’s Club is an important part of the Saratoga County Republican committee. Chairman’s Club members have historically been individuals who strongly believe in our Republican principles of lower taxes, smaller government, and economic freedom. They share a passion for our country and our unique area’s continued success and want to contribute to its direction.

Many Chairman’s Club members have been actively involved in federal, state and local government and are seen as respected leaders in shaping policy for our entire Saratoga County Republican Team. We are seeking doers interested in not only financially supporting our ability to reach out to inform voters about the benefits of our ideals, but in collaborating to help influence our team development around key areas needing focus.

We know that organized activists are spreading into Saratoga County supporting socialist ideas. Now more than ever, your Saratoga County Republican Team is counting on you to join the team protecting our way of life!  By becoming a member of the Chairman’s Club, you will ensure our Committee can deliver its positive message of how Republican leadership is working for Saratoga County.

Equally important, as a Chairman’s Club member, you will have multiple annual opportunities for collaborating with our team and hearing from leaders. In addition to free and reduced rate seasonal opportunities to socialize and network with other like-minded Republicans at gatherings (outlined below), we will include opportunities to hear directly from elected leaders standing up for us like Elise Stefanik in Congress.

Exclusively as a member, we will add two more casual meet ups to focus on an issue area or challenge facing our community. We want to facilitate discussions and draw out  Republican ideas to help address them. These will be quick coffee meet ups or happy hours to gain insights while accessing some interesting group facilitators’ thoughts. We would welcome your ideas for topics, ways to address them or better communicate solutions from our Republican representatives better.  Quick electronic surveys and polls will help decide the focus areas and locales to hold these engaging dialogues. We want to engage more with you so you can contribute toward our team’s direction.  JOIN NOW!

Chairman’s Club President Phil Klein

Benefits of Membership!

As a member of the Chairman’s Club, you will receive FREE admission to our Winter Legislative Breakfast, as well as our annual Summer Barbecue – two popular  outings! Both events are widely attended by our federal, state and local Republican officials and important leaders from the business and civic community.

Also, as a member, you can receive the latest news about our Party and get early invitations to important events and policy briefings.

PLUS, your exclusive invite to short polls and meet ups to help activate our ideas to help address key issues facing our communities.

Please JOIN this vital Club and contribute to the continued success of Saratoga County.

Count Me In!
Sign up now by clicking here or you can Email us at or call (518) 584-7900