Chairman’s Club

Carl Zeilman
Chairman Carl Zeilman

Why Join?
Founded more than 25 years ago, the Chairman’s Club is an important part of the Saratoga County Republican Committee. Chairman’s Club members have historically been individuals who strongly believe in our Republican principles of lower taxes, smaller government, and economic freedom. Many Chairman’s Club members have been actively involved in federal, state, and local government and are seen as respected leaders in shaping policy for our entire Saratoga County Republican Team.

Now more than ever, your Saratoga County Republican Team is counting on you! By becoming a member of the Chairman’s Club, you will ensure our Committee can deliver it’s positive message of Republican leadership working for Saratoga County. Equally important, as a Chairman’s Club member, you will have opportunities for socializing and networking with other like-minded Republicans at events and official gatherings.

Chairman’s Club President Phil Klein

Benefits of Membership!
As a member of the Chairman’s Club, you will receive free admission to our annual Legislative breakfast as well as a summer dinner event. Both events are widely attended by our State and Local Republican officials and important leaders from the business and civic community. Also, as a member, you can receive the latest news about our party and get early invites to important events and policy briefings.

Count Me In!
Email us at or call (518) 584-7900.