Families First

Saratoga County Republicans: Families First

Saratoga County is a shining example of what Republican leadership delivers for families – low taxes, healthy communities, and boundless economic and recreational opportunities. This Saratoga County way of life is driving large population increases because our Republican leaders have promised to focus on these quality-of-life issues, and they have kept those promises.

The Saratoga County Families First Agenda includes a commitment to:

Keeping Taxes Low

  • Republicans will continue to implement conservative budgeting practices and make smart use of tax dollars to keep taxes low while still making needed investments in our roads, parks, public health and safety.
  • The County has the lowest property tax rate in the state of New York and Republicans vow to keep it that way.
  • The County also has the lowest sales tax rate in the State.
  • In 2023 Saratoga County cut its already low property tax rate by 5 percent; these tax cuts will help families struggling with historically high inflation.

Investing in Public Safety

  • Saratoga County is one of the safest counties in the state, beating peers in categories like property crime, violent crime, and investments in public safety and Republicans will fight to ensure this is the case going forward.
  • The County continually invests in public safety, equipping the Sheriff’s Department with life-saving defibrillators and the latest equipment for officers — including body cameras.
  • The county has made significant investments to fight the opioid scourge and related crime while increasing resources for opioid related education, prevention, and response efforts.
  • Saratoga county supports its police force and has a Sheriff’s Department that is at full capacity.
  • Republicans will fight to ensure our communities remain safe for you and your family while continuing to make public safety investments that promote safety and transparency.

Creating Healthy Communities

  • The policies enacted by Saratoga County Republicans led to the County being rated as the healthiest County out of all 62 counties in New York State  by US News & World Report — this rating considers Social & Economic Indicators including education, employment, equity, income, family and social support, and community safety.
  • The County will continue to make prudent investments in public health. Saratoga is the first County in more than 20 years to expand its health department which will oversee public health, safety, and environment — this includes a significant investment in staffing, technology, and equipment that will protect the health and wellbeing Saratoga County residents and visitors.
  • The County is leading the state in Narcan distribution and training to save lives of those struggling with addiction.

Continuing Smart Economic Growth

  • Saratoga County leaders will continue to fight for policies that create new jobs and investment in the county, while preserving the area’s way of life.
  • Saratoga County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state and Republican leadership has balanced economic growth with its committment to protecting our quality of life.
  • The County is a high-tech hub with Global Foundries investing billions in high-tech manufacturing.
  • The County has one of the lowest unemployment rates and consistently attracts new national businesses like Bass Pro Shops to the area.

Preserving and Creating Open Space and Recreational Opportunities

  • There are more than 300 miles of multi-use recreational trails throughout the County
  • More than 3‚000 acres of forestland that is open to the public for passive recreation.
  • The county has a robust farmland and open space preservation program that provides grants to municipalities to preserve these important natural resources throughout the county, spearheaded and continued by Republican leadership.
  • The County has invested in a new multi-use, community-managed forest, the 200 acre Graphite Range Community Forest, poised to become a recreational hub for the surrounding communities. Republican leaders will continue to balance economic growth with open space.
  • With five towns located in the Adirondack Park, there are endless hiking and wilderness opportunities.
  • The County continually invests in Open Space, preserving the nature of the area and Republican leaders will continue to balance economic growth with open space to preserve the Saratoga County way of life we all enjoy.

Putting Our Families First

  • Republican leadership will continue to invest in services for both youth and seniors, making Saratoga County a great place to live no matter what stage of life a person is at.
  • Saratoga County will continue to help seniors stay in their homes through smart investments in senior center programs, meal delivery and creating recreational and social opportunities, such as the widely popular annual Senior Luncheon.
  • Likewise, Republicans will continue to support programs that enhance the health, safety, educational and recreational opportunities of our youth including its nationally recognized EMT Career Pathway for Youth Program.