Statement from NYGOP Chair Ed Cox on Congressional Maps

The audacity of Governor Kathy Hochul and the Democrat-controlled Legislature has hit a new low, blatantly disregarding the principles of democracy and fair play that our country was built on.

New York Democrats have rejected the impartially established congressional map, choosing instead a path of manipulation for political gain.

We need your immediate support to fight back.

“Democrats have sought to undermine the redistricting amendment over the last three years. They should have been embarrassed when caught red-handed in their unconstitutional gerrymander in 2022. But Albany Democrats are incapable of shame. They again seek to rig elections in back rooms rather than compete at the ballot box. This is a predictable result of a legislature drunk with power that ignores the will of the people.”

– NYGOP Chair Ed Cox

This isn’t just a political maneuver; it’s a direct attack on the very fabric of our democracy. Competitive elections are essential, yet the current administration would rather undermine these foundations for a cynical advantage.

Their actions betray every New Yorker and insult our collective demand for fairness. This is the worst of politics, and our response must be swift and loud.

Your donation will empower us to fight against this unfair legislation and uphold the principles of democracy.  We are gearing up for a significant battle; every contribution is crucial.Chip in $10, $25, $50, or ANY AMOUNT to help ensure fairness, integrity, and democracy prevail in New York.
New York State Republican Party