Statement from NYGOP Chair Ed Cox on Super Tuesday results

Cox: Trump is uniting our party at the ballot box

ALBANY – NYGOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement:

 “Congratulations to President Trump on his decisive victories. President Trump is uniting our party the right way – at the ballot box. In New York and nationally, a united Republican Party will take the fight to Joe Biden and win. Under President Trump, we had peace through strength, prosperity without inflation and secure borders. Under weak President Biden, we now have wars with spreading involvements, the cost of living clobbering paychecks and wide open borders for unvetted migrants.  

“We look forward to working hard with President Trump’s winning team to add to our majority-making NYGOP House delegation; to send Mike Sapraicone, President Trump’s endorsed candidate, to the US Senate with a new Republican majority; to have big wins in the Albany legislature; and to put President Trump back in the White House.”