March 7th, 2024

ALBANY, NY — Tonight, Joe Biden delivered the angriest, most divisive, and arrogantly out-of-touch State of the Union address in our nation’s history.

Through frequent bouts of incoherent rambling that sounded like the desperate campaign stump speech of a candidate 10-points down in the polls, Biden attempted to convince Congress and a nationwide audience of his ‘historic record’ as president. 

Outside the swamp of Washington D.C., Americans know full-well the ‘historic’ nature of Biden’s record — heck, they’re living it: Inflation at a 40-YEAR-HIGH; Hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding through OPEN BORDERS; the WORST approval rating of any president since Jimmy Carter.

Though he had the opportunity to deliver a message to the American people that offered them a glimmer of hope in an endless sea of crisis, Biden instead used his time to deliver a truly disappointing message that attacked Republicans and was filled with bold-faced lies. 

While Biden spends his remaining time as president in la-la-land, Young Republicans across New York will work to protect our Republican House Majority and send President Donald J. Trump back to the White House! As the leaders of today, it is our responsibility to win this generation’s culture war, to restore the American Dream, and at all costs save America!


Statement from NYGOP Chair Ed Cox on Super Tuesday results

Cox: Trump is uniting our party at the ballot box

ALBANY – NYGOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement:

 “Congratulations to President Trump on his decisive victories. President Trump is uniting our party the right way – at the ballot box. In New York and nationally, a united Republican Party will take the fight to Joe Biden and win. Under President Trump, we had peace through strength, prosperity without inflation and secure borders. Under weak President Biden, we now have wars with spreading involvements, the cost of living clobbering paychecks and wide open borders for unvetted migrants.  

“We look forward to working hard with President Trump’s winning team to add to our majority-making NYGOP House delegation; to send Mike Sapraicone, President Trump’s endorsed candidate, to the US Senate with a new Republican majority; to have big wins in the Albany legislature; and to put President Trump back in the White House.”  


Statement from NYGOP Chair Ed Cox on Congressional Maps

The audacity of Governor Kathy Hochul and the Democrat-controlled Legislature has hit a new low, blatantly disregarding the principles of democracy and fair play that our country was built on.

New York Democrats have rejected the impartially established congressional map, choosing instead a path of manipulation for political gain.

We need your immediate support to fight back.

“Democrats have sought to undermine the redistricting amendment over the last three years. They should have been embarrassed when caught red-handed in their unconstitutional gerrymander in 2022. But Albany Democrats are incapable of shame. They again seek to rig elections in back rooms rather than compete at the ballot box. This is a predictable result of a legislature drunk with power that ignores the will of the people.”

– NYGOP Chair Ed Cox

This isn’t just a political maneuver; it’s a direct attack on the very fabric of our democracy. Competitive elections are essential, yet the current administration would rather undermine these foundations for a cynical advantage.

Their actions betray every New Yorker and insult our collective demand for fairness. This is the worst of politics, and our response must be swift and loud.

Your donation will empower us to fight against this unfair legislation and uphold the principles of democracy.  We are gearing up for a significant battle; every contribution is crucial.Chip in $10, $25, $50, or ANY AMOUNT to help ensure fairness, integrity, and democracy prevail in New York.
New York State Republican Party


Saratoga GOP

Today’s blatantly political decision by the New York State Court of Appeals is the result of the efforts of Democrats to maintain and advance one-party rule, both in New York State and across the country. The decision today to throw out district lines that were drawn fairly and led to Republican gains in New York will cause confusion and only hurt voters who want nothing more than a government that will work to deliver safe streets and better communities for all.

Two years ago Democrats drew district lines that were so outrageous they were thrown out by the courts and this decision simply allows them to gerrymander all over again. It’s shameful and par for the course for a party that has to resort to cheating when its failed, pro-criminal, high-tax polices cannot be defended.  

The Saratoga County GOP Secures Strong Election Night Victories

Republican Victories in the City of Saratoga Springs and Towns and Villages Across the County Demonstrate Strong Support for Family First Policies

A resounding victory by Republican challenger John Safford over a Democratic incumbent Ron Kim in the City of Saratoga Springs was the highlight of an election night that saw voters show strong support for Republican candidates and policies up and down the ballot in Saratoga County.

Last night Republicans in Saratoga County won the Mayor’s Office and Public Safety Commissioner in the City of Saratoga Springs, several judicial races, a County Coroner position and secured key victories in contested races across the county. This includes victories in the Town of Wilton and both the Town and Village of Ballston Spa, and all told Republicans unofficially won 17 Town/County Supervisor Races to remain firmly in control of a county that U.S, News and World Reports declared the healthiest in New York State.

Saratoga County GOP Chairman Joe Whalen said, “Yesterday voters went to the polls and voted for Republican candidates who have fought for, and support, low taxes, safe streets, healthy communities, expanded parks and open spaces, and growing economy. We are proud of the races our candidates ran and we want to thank voters for once again putting their faith in Republican leaders, we’ll never take this faith for granted. Our county is a shining example of what happens when leaders focus on policies that put families first and Republicans will continue to focus on enhancing a quality of life in Saratoga County that is second to none.”

Saratoga County Republicans who scored significant victories last night include, but are not limited to: Paul Davenport, Supreme Court Justice 4th Judicial District; Jonathan Schopf Surrogate Court Judge; Heather Brondi-Marx Family Court Judge; David DeCelle County Coroner; Ian Murray, Town of Saratoga Supervisor; John J. Lant, Town of Wilton Supervisor; and Mary L. Price-Bush and Bernadette D. Vandeinse-Perez as Village of Ballston Spa Trustees.

Election Night at the Vista at Van Patten

On Election Night, Tuesday November 7th, please join the Saratoga County Republican Party and our co-hosts, the Clifton Park Republican Party, for an Election Night viewing party and celebration at the Vista at Van Patten golf course located at 924 Main Street, Clifton Park, New York 12065. The event features light appetizers and a cash bar.

We hope to see you there.

Polling Place Information

Tuesday, November 7th is Election Day, please come out and vote for our Republican Team. If you are unsure of where to vote, please visit the Saratoga County Board of Elections website. On it you’ll find a list of polling places, as well as a link to the New York State Board of Elections site where you can look up the location where you are supposed to vote.

Please come out and support the Republican leadership that is focused on our families. Republicans have delivered low taxes, healthy communities, and boundless economic and recreational opportunities that has made the Saratoga County way of life the envy of the state. On Tuesday November 7th, vote for Families First.

Order Your Thanksgiving Pies Today

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, our Women’s Republican’s Club is once again taking orders for Thanksgiving Pies from Smith’s Orchard and Bake Shop.

So don’t wait, the deadline is order your pies is October 23rd – you don’t want to miss out on these delicious pies as well as an opportunity to support our outstanding Women’s Republican Club. You can order pies using this form.

A Packed Slate of October Events

As we push hard toward Election Day, there are multiple opportunities to support our great candidates and committees in every corner of Saratoga County. While you can always stay up to date by visiting our calendar, we’ve also created this document of events, detailing what our candidates and committees are doing from now until Election Day.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible at these great outings as we work to deliver strong victories across the board on November 7th.

Chairman’s Club Breakfast

We are excited to announce that the next Chairman’s Club event is our Breakfast Club, Thursday, February 1st, at the Saratoga-Wliton Elks Lodge 161. The event is free to all members of our Chairman’s Club, and joining is a great way to connect with local leaders and have some great discussions about how we can move our party forward.

The Club was founded more than 25 years ago and consists of men and women who strongly believe in our Republican principles of lower taxes, smaller government, and economic freedom. Our members share a passion for our country and fighting for the continued success of Saratoga County.

So what are you waiting for? Please JOIN this vital Club today, contribute to the continued success of Saratoga County.